Air Freight Forwarding

Seair manages several hundred tonnes of cargo every month partnering with various airlines. And we do so with great pride. We have also been recognised and awarded on numerous occasions by an array of airlines.

Every day we move fashion, pharmaceuticals, odd dimension equipment, ship spares and many other industry-specific shipments across the globe, using our monthly contract with freighters and GSAs.

As per your product requirement and transit deadlines, we suggest and deliver customised solutions. Apart from regular Airport-To-Airport movements, we also offer the following solutions too:

Sea-To-Air | Airport-To-Door (ATD) | Door-To-Door | Inland-To-Air

At Seair, we specialise in air freight consolidations. We have committed cargo space across premier freighters, ensuring guaranteed loading of your cargo at contract price even during peak season.

We carry your cargo load with all our expertise:

  • XL:
    Need to mobilise an odd dimension project cargo? It shall be done with ease and care. Our charter teams and freighter experts have hands on knowledge of every carrier, its frequency and its loading requirements. We specialise in wide body aircraft loads for heavy and oversize freight.
  • Caution: 
    We know what it takes to handle hazardous material. Our team of experts will guide you to ensure how we can make it easy for you and your company. We are also DG experienced when it comes to packaging of cargo as per the UN norms.
  • Pharma: 
    One of the most frequently moved cargo by Seair is Pharmaceuticals. You can say we are the experts! And we can manage your pharma shipments confidently. Our teams ensure that temperature sensitive cargo is managed with insulated packing for minimum exposure. We use the advanced RKN and RAP containers to maintain an accurate temperature, constantly.
  • Priceless:
    Needless to say, your cargo is in safe hands 24×7. We ensure that your precious cargo arrives or reaches its destination just the way you want. Expensive cargo gets priority loading, and secured handling. We offer insurance door-to-door. Yes we are fragile fast!
  • Priority:
    Running out of time? Looking for express cargo delivery? Well, we’ve got you covered. Breathe easy, our supply chain network is ready to take on anything with products like TD Flash, Priority Overnight deliveries and Next Day deliveries.
  • Species:
    We understand your love for animals and wildlife. In fact, we love them too. So much so we even know what it takes to move your pets or animals anywhere in the world with ease and safety. Our teams are equipped to handle live animal paperwork, plant and animal quarantines and aircraft regulations for shipping.